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AYA 250MG Magnesium Citrate Tablets 30S

Magnesium deficiency is thought to be one of the most prevalent nutrient deficiencies experienced in adults as we are unable to produce magnesium ourselves and must get this mineral from our diet or from supplements. 

Magnesium Citrate can help defend against deficiency symptoms such as

  • fatigue
  • muscle aches
  • trouble with sleep

Magnesium citrate is also commonly used to help alleviate constipation. Aya Magnesium Citrate 250mg tablets can have such health benefits as:

  • Helping to regulate muscle and nerve functions
  • More energy, experience less fatigue
  • Relieving constipation, gas and bloating 
  • Supporting bone and dental health
  • Helping maintain normal blood pressure
  • Help mood and increase positive outlook 
  • Support a healthy immune system 

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AYA 250MG Magnesium Citrate Tablets 30S

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