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Nicorette 25mg Invisi Patch 14patc

For the treatment of tobacco dependence by relieving nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms. 

Nicorette 25mg Invisi Patch is recommended for use in heavy smokers. One 25mg patch is worn daily for 16 hours delivering a dose of nicotine into the bloodstream during this time. The patch eases the symptoms of withdrawals and cravings. Smokers should continue with this patch for 8 weeks before weaning down to a lower strength patch or other form of nicotine replacement therapy. 

The Nicorette Patch can be used as part of a combination therapy for heavy smokers. The nicorette gums, lozenges, quickmist or inhalers may be used along with the patches to relieve breakthrough cravings increasing your chance of quitting for good. Please ask your pharmacist or doctor about this form of treatment. 

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Nicorette 25mg Invisi Patch 14patc

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