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Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash 100ml

Optrex Multi Action Eye wash contains natural plant extracts which wash, cleanse and soothe the eye. The specially formulated eye wash replenishes moisture within eyes that have been irritated by dust, smoke, grit, other particles that have become trapped in the eye. 

The wash contains a single-use eye bath for application of the product.

To use;

  • Ensure your hands are clean. Pour the wash into the eye bath contained until it is about a third full. Bend your head forward, holding the eye bath by its base. 
  • Place the eye bath over your eye and slowly raise your head to allow the wash to flow into the eye. SLowly move your head around for about 30 seconds to allow the wash to thoroughly cleanse the eye. 
Optrex Multi action eye wash is suitable for everyday use. 

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Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash 100ml

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