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Eye & Ear Care

Eye & Ear Care

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Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash 115ml

Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash gently and safely cleanses the delicate ear canal. Audiclean is a natur..

Ex Tax: €12.50

Boston Advance Conditioning Solution 120ml

Boston Advance Conditioning System provides lens with a dual action disinfection. The solution can b..

Ex Tax: €10.80

Boston Advance Lens Cleaner 30ml

Boston Advance Cleaner for gas permeable lenses effectively cleanses dirt and debris from lenses lea..

Ex Tax: €10.80

Brolene 0.1% Eye Drops Soln 10ml

Brolene Eye Drops are used for minor eye infections of the eye or eyelid. Brolene works by stop..

Ex Tax: €8.85

Cerumol Olive Oil Ear Drops 10ml

Cerumol Olive Oil drops are the natural way to treat problem ear wax. Cerumol Olive oil drops are sa..

Ex Tax: €5.15

Cerumol Original Ear Drops for Earwax 11ml

Cerumol Original Ear drops are a tried and trusted treatment found to widely found to be effective r..

Ex Tax: €5.15

Exterol 5% Ear Drops Solution 8ml

Exterol Ear Drops contain the active ingredient urea hydrogen peroxide. The drops can be used a..

Ex Tax: €8.29

Murine Dry-Tired Eyes Drops 10ml

Murine Dry Tired Eyes provide relief from  burning itching eyes and leave a protective lubrican..

Ex Tax: €6.65

Murine Irritation & Red Relief Eye Drops 10ml

Murine Irritation Relief drops are formulated to relieve eyes that have been irritated by dust, smok..

Ex Tax: €6.64

Murine Refresh & Soothe Eye Mist 15ml

Murine Refresh & Sooth Eye Mist is sprayed directly onto eyelids.Murine is the ideal solution to..

Ex Tax: €11.94

Optrex Actimist Eye Spray 10ml

Optrex Actimist Eye Spray is specially formulated to provide long lasting relief from dry and irrita..

Ex Tax: €19.00

Optrex Clear Eyes Eye Drops 10ml

Optrex Clear Eye drops provide relief from eyes that have become red and sore due to environmental f..

Ex Tax: €5.75

Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash 100ml

Optrex Multi Action Eye wash contains natural plant extracts which wash, cleanse and soothe the eye...

Ex Tax: €5.82

Optrex Refreshing Eye Drops 10ml

Optrex Refreshing eye drops are effective for revitalising and refreshing tired and uncomfortable ey..

Ex Tax: €4.55

Tears Naturale Eye Drops 15ml

Tears Naturale eye drops relieve symptoms of dry eye such as burning, itching and soreness. Tea..

Ex Tax: €5.20