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Diarrhoea, Nausea & Vomiting

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Arret 2mg Capsules | Quick relief from Diarrhoea

Arret 2mg Capsules are fast and effective at providing relief from diarrhoea.Directions:Adults and c..

Ex Tax: €4.65

Dioralyte Oral Rehydration Powder Natural Flavour

Dioralyte Oral Hydration sachets provides a fast and effective treatment for dehydration and replaci..

Ex Tax: €4.50

Imodium Instants 2mg Orodispersable Tablets 12pk

Imodium Instants can get to work quickly on stopping diarrhoea in its tracks. The easy to use tablet..

Ex Tax: €11.95

Imodium Liquirelief Capsules

Imodium Liquirelief are small discreet soft capsules that are easy to swallow and provide fast, soot..

Ex Tax: €9.99

Imodium Plus Tablets| Soothing relief from Diarrhoea

Imodium Plus provides effective relief from diarrhoea accompanied by painful cramping, wind and bloa..

Ex Tax: €9.20

Motilium 10mg Tablets | Relief from Nausea

Motilium 10mg Tablets contain the active ingredient domperidone which provides effective relief from..

Ex Tax: €6.10

Motilium Fastmelts 10mg Tabs 10tabs

Motilium Fastmelts 10mg Tabs contain the active ingredient domperidone which provides effective reli..

Ex Tax: €6.37

Tasectan Diarrhoea Sachets For Children | Safe relief from diarrhoea

Tasectan sachets are specially formulated to get to control and reduce the symptoms of diarrhoea. Ta..

Ex Tax: €8.95